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What is WBEM?

Web Based Enterprise Management is an Industry initiative to provide a set of management and Internet standard technologies developed to unify the management of systems, networks, users and applications across multiple vendor environments.

About OpenWBEM

OpenWBEM is an enterprise-grade open-source implementation of WBEM, written in C++, suitable for commercial and non-commercial applications. It provides a foundation for development of management frameworks that overcome cross-platform barriers and empower true interoperability. Developers can use OpenWBEM as a management agent and WBEM framework to provide applications for configuration and change management, system health monitoring, and enterprise-wide management functionality.


Commercial Products using OpenWBEM


OpenWBEM enables application developers to architect management frameworks that provide cross-platform interoperability. Some of the main features and capabilities of OpenWBEM include:


Please read the license before you download. All releases can be downloaded from SourceForge.

The most recent development code can be obtained from  You can obtain the code by using anonymous cvs pserver access.

A note about the development code: We strive to keep the code bug-free and stable.  However, there may be experimental features, unstable APIs, or even (heaven forbid!) code that doesn't compile.  So if you can't deal with these slight annoyances (believe me, we don't break things on purpose :-), please use the latest released version of OpenWBEM.


Getting Started with OpenWBEM  pdf  sxw  doc
Instructions on building, installing and configuring OpenWBEM.
Developer Documentation
This contains the complete source and object hierarchy in a form that can be browsed.
A list of Frequently Asked Questions with answers.
OpenWBEM in SUSE Linux
An Introduction to WBEM and OpenWBEM in Novell's SUSE LINUX
Novell CIM SDK
Including a Developer Primer to WBEM and CIM

Related Projects

OpenWBEM Development

OpenWBEM is a complete implementation of WBEM maintained by Quest Software, Novell, and other volunteers. Dan Nuffer leads the OpenWBEM engineering efforts. While the current version is completely stable and usable, there are many interesting features and optimizations that can still be implemented. As an open-source project, development and participation for OpenWBEM is open to anyone willing to assist and contribute. Any contribution is welcome, from bug reports, to patches, to new features.  If you want to join the project, post a note to the openwbem-devel list. Follow the links below for more information about working on OpenWBEM.


OpenWBEM The sponsored and independent developers of the OpenWBEM Project.
Quest Software Quest Software is the OpenWBEM project maintainer.
Novell Novell is an OpenWBEM project contributor.
WBEMsource The WBEMsource Initiative is a sponsor of the OpenWBEM project.
SourceForge Logo SourceForge hosts the OpenWBEM project.


Before you ask for help, please read How To Ask Questions The Smart Way.

For support or discussion of OpenWBEM, you may subscribe to, post a message to, or take a look at one of the following mailing lists:

General OpenWBEM announcements
For users of OpenWBEM